A portion of all sales will be proudly donated to mental health advocacy groups and organizations



Sketchy dood is an art collective started by a wife and husband creative team that specializes in custom hard cover book binding, murals, visual art, stained glass and ceramics. Our goals are to make an art community accessible to all, to encourage people to use art to express and release emotions creating an avenue for maintaining good mental health, and in the words of Auguste Rodin “The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.” For us the goal is not to create masterpieces but to no matter what we are doing to do it with passion/love/positivity,  to take pride in what we are creating no matter what it may be and to appreciate what it takes to create and provoke thought.

We all look at things in a different light and perspective and that uniqueness is what makes everyone so great, i.e. you show me a building and I see windows, doors, and rooms but to an architect, they see all the details it takes to make and create the building. The time, the materials, the technique, the entire process that makes it an art form. There are so many things in life that go unnoticed, unappreciated, and taken for granted. All those things are someone’s creation, someone’s art form. And this goes for everything, doctors are artists, teachers, plumbers, bus drivers, etc. are all artists of their craft. We feel being respectful and mindful of all those things keeps us present in moments therefore truly experiencing life. Which is a beautiful thing we consider the art of gratitude. 



Britt specializes in a variety of book binding and book storage solutions, from custom made sketchbooks to photo albums with an assortment of material and binding options. Whether you’re looking to bind your college thesis, rebind your favorite book, or needing a custom bound book for yourself, a colleague, or loved one, it will be taken on with meticulous attention to detail and the utmost pride of binding. We can repair your damaged book to make it functional again. Customized book boxes can be constructed to fit all of your special books!

She is also well versed in creating custom hand built ceramics, stained and fused glass.

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art for the people

ceramics - stained glass - paintings and more...

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Meet The Team

A portion of all sales will be proudly donated to mental health advocacy groups and organizations



Mark Centeno

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artist/ designer/ dad joke teller

Brittany Centeno

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artist/ craftswoman/ voice of reason

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